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Ehomful Super mini Wifi Hidden Camera E002, Smallest as Coin

E002 wonderful home camera , Nanny Camera,easy to check on your mobile device.
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Ehomful Smallest WiFi Hidden Camera 002, 1 inch Super compact,Built-in stronge Magnet,with WIFI, remote control, for both Android and IOS ,Real 960P,Wireless;Monochrome Covert;Low Latency & No Frozen Streaming;Support Multiple Viewers;Auto Night Vision;

What Makes Ehomful Smallest Hidden Spy Camera better than others?
Ehomful spy camera is a Wireless IP cam,there is not distance limitation for you to view or record live videos at anytime anywhere after you complete APP connection.HD 960P Lens captures details and 0.98 inch size helps to upgrade your home's security by mounting to some places without attention.No matter in the office or take a trip,just take out your Android or IOS smartphone and remote control your mini camera freely,then monitor your home/office/baby/pet and know what’s going on at home

Very Easy and Simple Setting Up to Use

More ideas/Applicaiton about our mini camera:
Nanny Camera:Watch over your kids even when you are outside.
Hidden Spy home Camera:Security system for your home/office.Protect your property.
Spy Business Cam :Best Spy security camera for your office/business etc.
Mini Pet Camera: If you have ever wondered what happens when you leave pets alone. 
Dash Camera:its Very tiny design make it easy for you use on your Car and get very nice recording experiences.
Kind of Hunting Camera: By hidden it in the Tree and connecting with your mobile, you can easily observe the Animal on your purpose
Sports/Action Camera:its super small design make it very easy to carry and catch the best moment of your activity


Full Packing details:

 Supports multiple functions:

◆2.4 GHz router Wi-Fi network only!
◆WiFi camera & Remote playback
◆Full 1080p HD viewing video&960p video file &75°viewing angle
◆View multiple cameras video OR several phones view one security camera at the same time
◆Photosensitive IR Night Vision& Motion Detection
◆Snapshot mode to capture any important moment
◆Support recording while charging
◆Built-in 240mA rechargeable battery & Video recording time about 60 minutes & Charging time about 1.5hours
◆Supports 8- 64GB Micro SD card&Loop recording(please format SD card as 32fat before using)

Wi-Fi streaming via APP--- After you connect this IP camera to network, You could live-stream your footage from anywhere in the 
world. You can just be focused on what is matter when you are not home.
Alerts on your phone--- See who’s there.Get phone notification alerts. And know when someone’s actually there and what happens.
See every detail 24/7--- Look after home 24/7 in crisp 1080p HD day and night. You'll miss nothing.

What's in the Box
Ehomful E002 Mini Wifi Camera x 1
USB Charging Cable x 1
Micro SD Card Reader x 1
Magnetic Bracket x 1
User Guide x 1

Question: Can you set it up and no more frequently release space for the memory card?
Answer: Yes, it has a loop recording function and the oldest videos will be overwritten by most recent videos, you don’t have to clear up space for the SD card. 

Question: How far does it work in the night vision mode?
Answer: The night vision works well within 15ft.  

Question: Can i watch this from another state on my iphone or ipad being connected to a different wifi
Answer: Yes u can 

Question: How is the quality of the pictures, are colors true? Is it HD?
Answer: Yes, the camera shots pictures in HD 960P. 

Question: Can I view my camera if i'm on another pc away from home?
Answer: Nop.The App is for mobile phone or iPad.

Question: Is the night vision light visible when you're standing close?
Answer: The night vision light is invisible during recording. 

Question: Does anyone know if this camera can be used outdoors?
Answer: Yes, you can use it outdoors but it is not a fully waterproof.

Question: How long will the battery last in detection mode?
Answer: When the camera is setting in the "motion detection", it is the same amount of power consumed by our normal video recordings, 1 hour in day and 30 minutes at night. 

Question: what is the lens angle?
Answer: The camera is built-in 75 degree angle lens.

Question: Does it need memory card?
Answer: Yes, It does need a Micro SD card and it not included, you need to get one before using.

Question: Is it possible to see past recorded files from the app? for how long will loop record without overwriting?

All recorded files will be saved in the app, you can check anytime. If you use a 128GB micro sd card, the camera will record up to 16 hours.

Question: I need to place this camera without wi-fi receiption. Can I use my cell phone service to view and record upon opening your app?
Answer: This camera is a wifi camera, you can download APP on your cell phone and view live video on your cell phone.

Question: What's the range of wifi?
Answer: The range is up to 160ft when you connected the camera's hotspot and no range limit when you connect to your phone wifi.

Question: What app do you use with camera? Is it easy to connect?
Answer: The name of the App is: "Ehomful". 

Question: How large of a sd card can you use ?
Answer: This mini spy camera supports max128GB sd card.

Question: What is the camera's current draw?
Answer: You mean the recharging current? if so it should be not over 5V/1A. 

Question: can this camera be plugged in while being used?
Answer: Yes , you can plugged while being used 

Question: loop recording? how long per recording?
Answer: Yes, you can turn the loop recording on or off as you want, the video file is 2 minutes long in manually recording, and 1 minutes long in motion detection recording.

Question: Once installed , can it be accessed at any time? When I’m not at home for 1-2 days long . Will the battery last ?
Answer: Once installed, the camera can be accessed at any time as long as your phone has internet access. The battery is 220mAh, it just support 1 hour continuous recording in day or 30 minutes at night, the camera support charging while recording, you can attach it to a power adapter to get 1-2 day long recording. 

Question: Can it be used as a webcam for a phone or computer?
Answer: It can be use on your phone but not the computer.
Question: Is this compatable with android system? 
Answer: Yes, this mini wifi camera is compatible with Android and iOS both.

Question: How long will the battery last in detection mode?
Answer: The camera is built-in 240mAH rechargeable battery, it supports 1 hour continuously recording in day or 30 minutes at night.

Question: How far is the cam's night vision distance?
Answer: The camera supports night vision ranging up to 15ft

Question: Is it possible to set the file size or duration for recordings? I would like to have 60 minutes files
Answer: You can record a 60-minute video or other size video in the app you like, but the camera doesn't support to set the file size or recording duration.

Question: Does this connect with iPhones?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How long of a recording can you get with a 128gb card? How many hours?
Answer: It can record 16-20 hours with a 128 GB card without loop recording. 

Question: Do you need wifi to use this?
Answer: You can connect the camera's wifi when you have wifi at home.

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